The 60th district primary will test Rumore’s leadership

Phil Rumore, the longtime president of the Buffalo Teachers Federation, brings a wisdom and gravitas to politics that his operatives lack. Rumore understands the importance of the 60th State Senate district, which holds the Republican majority in that chamber in


The speech that got JFK assassinated

President John F. Kennedy Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City April 27, 1961 Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen: I appreciate very much your generous invitation to be here tonight. You bear heavy responsibilities these days and an article I read some

NY Senate

Coppola says stop bashing teachers

Senator Al Coppola, the Democrat running for State Senate against Republican Chris Jacobs, is disgusted with the way that today’s political discourse has wrongly bashed teachers in the media, often using hard working career professionals as political scapegoats — for purposes that often have little to do

County Clerk

Chris Jacobs saves county 100k pens

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs issued a press release this week announcing he saved county taxpayers $45,000 in pens. He reports that after becoming County Clerk in 2013, he learned the office bought $15,000 worth of pens per year, which

NY Senate

60th district is hardly a lock for Jacobs

BY TONY FARINA The 60th District State Senate race has it all:  what appears to be a serious GOP primary challenge from Kevin Stocker to the endorsed candidate, Chris Jacobs; a Democratic primary contest including upstart community activist Amber Small,