NY Senate

Political observers expect a Panepinto primary — early contenders

The newly elected State Senator from the 60th district, Marc Panepinto won his general election narrowly with only 34% of the vote. He won his primary even more narrowly, by 383 votes. The local Democratic Party has remained historically fractured by infighting


Cuomo win ignites volatile secessionist movement

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reelection win amid multiple corruption scandals has ignited a volatile secessionist movement across upstate New York. Sentiments regarding the Governor’s $45 million campaign account have been exacerbated by deep resentments of downstate political machines, big city elitism, and a longstanding political


Cuomo blamed for loss of House Dems

Governor Andrew Cuomo is being blamed for staggering Democratic Party losses in the House of Representatives. Despite the Governor fundraising upwards of $45 million for his own reelection campaign and finishing with many millions still in the bank, his beleaguered fellow


Weppner slams Higgins on Great Lakes, environmental record

President George W. Bush signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005, creating renewable biofuel incentives that included a mandate that gasoline contains at least 10% corn-based ethanol. In 10 short years, those ethanol policies — widely considered patronage for the politically pivotal Iowa corn growers — has devastated


Jacobs’ stellar performance has earned second term

Endorsement for County Clerk Chris Jacobs is a first term County Clerk whose management skills have righted an office that had come to epitomize government dysfunction and mismanagement. Upon taking office he encountered the now infamous 3-year backlog of mortgage documents that